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Pregnancy Support Belt - PreggoBelt™

Pregnancy Support Belt - PreggoBelt™ - Baby Belts

Pregnancy Support Belt - PreggoBelt™

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Get relief from the excruciating back pains during Pregnancy! 

    Look at what our 1000th Customer wrote about the Pregnancy Support Belt

    "I had mixed emotions about this based on how scattered the reviews are. But, it is WORTH BUYING! It is soft, and fits perfectly. Some people said it rides up but if you fit it on properly it wont. It offers amazing support and eased the pain in my back from scoliosis and my belly pulling my spine forward more. It is also not visible at all under clothing. I am only 20 weeks but this will be helpful my entire pregnancy" - Jeni, Texas - March 2019


    Size Chart

     Lower Abdomen in Inches
     31.4 to 43.3
     35.4 to 47.2
     39.3 to 51.1 


    Why a pregnant lady needs this!

    • Provides ultimate support to the lower lumbar region, abdomen and hip area to help provide relief of lower back pain and discomfort during pregnancy.
    • Effectively prevents the formation of stretch marks by helping to avoid overstretching of the skin, but without restricting the baby's movement.
    • Helps to correct physiological position of your baby at the late stage of pregnancy, hence prevents complications during pregnancy and labor
    • Helps relieve pressure on mother's organs caused by baby, allowing easier breathing, and less problems with bowels and water works.
    • The support also encourages correct posture, relieving stress on the lower back caused by misalignment of the spine due to pregnancy.
    • You will be able to get into your normal shape much easier during post partum compared to not using the Pregnancy Support Belt

    More Benefits

    1. Soft and breathable pregnancy belt brings your baby good feeling.
    2. Easy to wear, the whole pregnancy can be used.
    3. Can hold the abdomen, prevent the uterus from drooping, protect the fetal position and reduce the pressure on the waist
    4. Helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby bump and providing gentle compression
    5. Ideal for correcting poor posture and supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy and even post-pregnancy.
    6. In order not to affect the development of the fetus, care belly can not be too tight, sleep at night should be taken off.

    Package Includes:
    1x Maternity Belt For Pregnant Women

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