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BabyBelts Bed Rails - Pack of 2

BabyBelts Bed Rails - 3Pieces - Baby Belts

BabyBelts Bed Rails - Pack of 2

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Never Worry About Leaving your Toddler Alone on the Bed with our Baby Bed Rails

Baby Bed Bumper Rails for Toddlers and Kids (0-2 Years)

As parents, we have always freaked out about what if the baby rolls over on the bed and falls off. Isn't it?  

Designed by Moms and Made for Parents, We are excited to introduce to you the BabyBelts Bed Rails for Toddlers and Kids.

This will make your baby's transition from crib to bed a lot more fun and easier  

If you really care about your little one, then this is a MUST HAVE for all new parents. 

This fear of New parents led us to design the ultra-premium padded baby bed rail bumpers. Unlike traditional bed rails that come as a single piece, this one lets you create small gaps on the bed allowing for easy entry or exit.

  • Sturdy & Strong to Prevent your toddler from toppling over
  • Extremely easy to fix and take it off
  • Multiple Adjustable Height positions
  • Gives you Peace of Mind & valuable relaxing time

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Suitable Age: 0-2 Years

Size:        20*11.02*2.76in



Safe and Protected: Filled with pearl cotton for that super soft touch, the Bed Rail Bumper keeps your little ones safe and avoid falling out of bed let you get some sleep at night without worrying.

Multipurpose: It's not only a crib or cradle bed bumper, our Bed Rails can also be used as a back cushion, sleeping pillow, or even bedding decor.

Portable: Very easy to carry around, assemble and remove.


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